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“I’d now had the color changed, which was a bad move and this collector wanted to put it back to exactly the same Aston Martin maroon and completely refurbish it.

I’m sure it’s worth more than 0,000 probably 0,000 by now.”Frampton’s favorite road trip is the one from Los Angeles to Big Sur, which he’s done a couple of times.

“I actually physically ordered it to be built,” he says. They imported it, and it came through Los Angeles.” He says the car broker, LCS Automotive, then shipped the AMG to him on a truck.He hopes to take it on his favorite road trip at some point, as well as letting it see some track time.Frampton hasn’t found anything he dislikes about the S63 yet. “I have an old Mercedes wagon E500 that I use as my van now, which I love, too. Obviously it’s completely different than the S63, but again, it’s a phenomenal drive.” He says the wagon is probably a 2006 model year. “When I go to people’s houses, I bring my guitars and amps,” he says.“I’m overdue for a road trip, that’s for sure, especially with my new car and I’m also thinking about—I’d like to be able to get taught how to drive the car, so I can be allowed on a track because the thing is so powerful that I’ve got to blow it out one day,” he says. ”Frampton is going on a full summer tour with Steve Miller Band, starting June 15 in New Jersey and ending in California in August.“I would love to get an advanced driving course and to be taught by someone that knows how to drive really fast, safely.”Some car owners are precious with their beloved new cars, especially ones on the level of an AMG built for him from Germany, but Frampton is looking forward to tracking it. “I’ve toured with Steve since the early ‘70s,” Frampton says.