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And here, the gap is bigger: Compared with exclusively straight women, mostly straight women are more likely to have had oral sex with a man by a margin of 9 percentage points. And in the case of anal sex, the gap is huge: While 30 percent of the totally straight women say they've had anal sex, 55 percent of the mostly straight women say they've done it.

You could brush off this oddity by noting that the range of variation among these three groups of women, in terms of whether they've had vaginal sex, is fairly narrow.

, comes from the National Survey of Family Growth, the country's most respected periodic sex survey.

Media reports about the study have noted what seems to be a resurgence of virginity. But as libertines age and virgins are born, a country can recover its old virginity rate.

These "exclusively" straight women might not even be exclusively straight.

They're just obtuse to their wayward feelings, or afraid to admit them.