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All were in agreement that Rule 3 (regarding the number of races allowed per individual, and how they are determined) had been violated.

Unfortunately, that resulted in the disqualification of the winning Medley Relay. Once you know how fast the other relays went in prelims, you can adjust your relays, as long as you adjust them with a swimmer who has not yet swum two relays in prelims. The girl is a wonderful girl from a wonderful team.

Now, in their wake, my celebration has been reduced.

There has been no family gathering in some time; but I have found the wonderful meal prepared each year at the Burdett Presbyterian Church .

********** Now, having offered that, I offer something I like even better, written just last month by someone with a little more experience in life than I have.

I speak of Rachel Vickio, age 104, mother of Tony Vickio. 24, 2017 -- As I write this, Thanksgiving Day has come and gone, and with it -- in the minds of many -- the Holiday Season has begun.

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6 in Elmira Heights, and from that we will have a direction to follow in terms of planning for the celebration -- our 13th annual -- at the Watkins Glen State Park pavilion in early June.

Of course, merchandisers have already been sneaking in holiday deals for almost a month, using Halloween as a launchpad.

When I was growing up, Thanksgiving always meant a big family meal, with turkey and all the fixings prepared by my mother.

Alicia earned her Bachelors degree from Gannon University.

“Andy and Alicia have three daughters, Ava, Grace and Tess.