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Just use your common sense, be polite, smile a lot and you’ll be fine. So when you agree on something, give her a high five and she’ll laugh and feel good. No seriously, there is no definite answer to this question as it depends on the attractiveness of the girl, how well you get on with each other and also on the type of place.

Filipina bar girls can make you feel it’s their first month working and you are one of their first customers if they feel like you are on holiday and haven’t got a lot of experience yet (and they are good in figuring that out).

At the same time they still keep that cute and innocent style that make you want to spend time with her, maybe even protect her from the bad world out there. I’m too busy.” whereas the standard reply from a Thai bar girl would be like “No have.

On the other side, they often speak more straightforward than the girls in Thailand. No one like me.” So you just go on and have a good time with the girl.

Either way, the average price would be like 2,000 Pesos.

Some of the really attractive ones may be asking for 3,000 Pesos, but if you are getting on well enough it’s not unusual that she would be fine with just 1,000 or 1,500 Pesos.