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A Day at School Acting School and Movie Stars Airport Arrival Answering Machine Apartments for Rent Bookstore Shopping Camping Under the Stars Christmas is Coming!Class Reunion Clothing Styles Business Communications College Life Daily Schedule Dating Game DVD Movie Rentals Eye Glasses for You A Fun Day Family Activities Family Relationships First Date Getting Around Tokyo Good Old Blues Gourmet Cooking Happy Birthday!This one-day symposium will be held on Thursday, April 19, 2018 at the University of California, San Diego.Our “QS-CVD symposium” is free to attend, but space is limited, so if you’d like to be there we ask you to get in touch with us and tell us something about your research, tool development, and/or the personal self-tracking projects you’re doing that are relevant to the symposium there.https://github.com/pmario/file-backups which contains links to the documentation and introduction video(s). A collection of helpers by Thomas Elmiger, among them a ''tweet button'' macro, a ''text-stretch'' solution, a ''snippet extraction'' macro and a tiddler that installs a ''scroll-to-top button'' via drag-and-drop. ~Note Self is your personal, private, customizable, Evernote-like experience. CVD risk is strongly influenced by many of the factors commonly tracked in the QS community, including fitness, diet, stress, and sleep.

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We are organizing a QS symposium on cardiovascular health for scholars and researchers and participants in the QS Community.

The goal of our meeting is to support new discoveries about cardiovascular health grounded in accurate self-observation and community collaboration.

The Tiddly Wiki containing program documentation is automatically generated from the source code: see https://github.com/chitselb/pettil.

https://noteself.github.io/ A fast Forth interpreter for the [[Commodore PET| written in 6502 assembly language.