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The court held that the damages were "caused by accident." The insured obviously did not intend or desire the erosion, and there was insufficient evidence to find that he should have expected it.

How does this react with my skin to cure the problem?KEETON, BASIC TEXT ON INSURANCE LAW § 5.4(c), at 299 (1971). W.2d 497, for example, plaintiff landowners sought compensation for damages caused by the noise, odors, and ground water pollution produced by defendant's slaughterhouse.Focusing on whether the insured "expected" the damages, the court held that damages from the ground water pollution were "caused by accident," but that damages from the noise and fumes were not.With the exception of the third issue, which applies only to government-initiated directives or litigation, all of these issues commonly arise when coverage is sought for either statutory claims (, Superfund cleanups) or so-called toxic tort claims.Arizona's appellate courts have not addressed any of these issues in the context of environmental claims.