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Not to mention, you love being with your friends, whether you’re biking or not. With such a cool attitude, it’s no surprise you have a ton of friends; you’re so easy to get along with.There are lots of television squads that we would love to be a part of, but we also must admit admit that we're probably more suited to some as opposed to others.

For the study, participants were asked to rate how funny they found a series of memes from 1 to 5, in order to help eharmony define different styles of humour.

When it comes to love, it’s sometimes difficult to find the right person. I love pushing limits, whether it comes to speed or height. You’d be best to go for another “date type” if you’re looking for true love.

If you’re a hard-core cycling addict, the quest for true love is even more difficult! Perhaps the mall or the library might be more up your alley.

Flirting is such a weird thing when you really think about it.

Like, you have to make weird modifications to your personality to attract another person. We all have our own unique means of attracting people, whether they're even intentional or not.