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RPG Maker is a program that allows users to create their own role-playing video games.Most versions include a tile set based map editor (tilesets are called chipsets in pre-XP versions), a simple scripting language for scripting events, and a battle editor."I don't want to go up into the sky, Daddy; I want to stay on the ground." Ryan: ..I did the one to get a chest, and it just had some creeper eggs in it.

The home office for Dunkin Donuts is in Canton, Massachusetts.This was the first version made by Enterbrain, which had previously been a part of ASCII.RPG Maker XP, also referred to as RMXP, is the first RPG Maker which can use Ruby, making it the most powerful, programming-wise. The company started out as solely a donut company, but then expansion moved the company into coffee and sandwiches.Dunkin Donuts coffee is now available for sale in retail stores so customers can brew the signature coffee at home.