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He was the first county agent to serve as a "farm bureau” representative.The Farm Bureau venture was financed jointly by USDA, the Binghamton Chamber of Commerce and the Lackawanna Railroad.Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) Current Interest Rates The site features advice and guidance on everything a new farm business owner needs to know, from writing a business plan, to obtaining a loan to grow their business, to filing taxes as a new small business owner, starting or expanding an operation, developing new markets, supporting more effective farming and conservation practices, and having access to relevant training and education opportunities.By answering a series of questions about their operation, farmers can use the site’s Discovery Tool to build a personalized set of recommendations of USDA programs and services that may meet their needs.The Extension concept, however, did not take root until the early 1900s, when the agricultural colleges developed Extension departments and staff.The devastating boll weevil gave an unexpected boost to the concept of traveling professors and field demonstration projects. One in seven Ohioans are employed in the food and agriculture industry which contributes over billion to the state's economic growth.

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The counties then quickly affiliated into statewide organizations.In March 1915, Missouri became the first to form a statewide organization.The newly formed American Farm Bureau Federation wasted little time once the organization was formally ratified in March 1920.It had the effect for the first time of taking the classroom to the farm.Texas has the distinction of assigning the first "county agent.” In 1911, John Barron, a farm boy who graduated from Cornell University, went to work in Broome County, New York.