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A bug was fixed in which if you use a "plot" array with multiple calls to gsn_panel, and each set of paneled plots has a different common labelbar, then you wouldn't get the correct labelbar for the second plot. A modification has since been applied [version 5.2.0] to accurately compute all density surfaces (depth dim_avg_n, dim_avg_wgt_n, dim_cumsum_n, dim_max_n, dim_median_n, dim_min_n, dim_num_n, dim_pqsort_n, dim_product_n, dim_rmsd_n, dim_rmvmean_n, dim_rmvmed_n, dim_standardize_n, dim_stat4_n, dim_stddev_n, dim_sum_n, dim_sum_wgt_n, dim_variance_n, dim_avg_n_Wrap, dim_avg_wgt_n_Wrap, dim_cumsum_n_Wrap, dim_rmsd_n_Wrap, dim_rmvmean_n_Wrap, dim_rmvmed_n_Wrap, dim_rmvmed_Wrap, dim_standardize_n_Wrap, dim_stddev_n_Wrap, dim_sum_n_Wrap, dim_sum_wgt_n_Wrap, dim_variance_n_Wrap This suite of functions is an upgrade to the existing dim_xxxx functions which operate only on the rightmost dimension.The dim_xxxx_n and dim_xxxx_n_Wrap functions operate on the input given dimenions, so you don't have to reorder the input array first.Three new map projections have been provided as well: Hammer, Aitoff, and Winkel tripel.

This will be a test version, so use at your own risk.See logical expressions and lazy evaluation in NCL for more information.OPe NDAP-enabled binaries now available for all systems Net CDF Version 4.1.x now comes with OPe NDAP support built into it, which makes building an OPe NDAP-enabled version of NCL much easier.You were writing a Net CDF-4 classic file on a big endian machine.Big endian machines include IBM/AIX/Power, Mac Power PC, and Sun/Solaris systems.