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The first few days are among the most crucial in a child’s life and I was worried about what might have happened to my daughter before she was discovered by the orphanage.She was found on March 7 and in my arms on March 8.I like honest men with nice sense of humour :) Oh, well...I would love to spend a nice evening on the sea coast.Often they have been placed in black plastic bags, their bodies blue.The lucky ones are discovered in time and handed in, to be found new homes with families to love them.I am so thankful that I was born here, not there, and have enjoyed all the privileges that go with being British.And I get annoyed when I hear anyone whinge about our social problems over here – they are nothing in comparison.

I had been told that Amara had been born the day before.

In a country without a welfare state, there is no safety net for families overwhelmed by poverty or for young, single women abandoned when they get pregnant.

On average, 20 to 25 newborns a week are handed in to the Edhi Foundation already dead.

I felt completely overwhelmed as she held on to my finger and I felt that first, sharp, fretful pang of motherly love.

I had first visited the Edhi orphanage in 2007 when I was making a documentary for the BBC, Saira Khan’s Pakistan Adventure.

Karachi dating girls number