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We create a learning environment where our teachers know their students both as people and as learners.These connections help our students to gain confidence, acquire strategies for managing stress, and enjoy meaningful learning.She was recruited to join F (France) Section of the Special Operations Executive and although her superiors held mixed opinions on her suitability for secret warfare, her fluent French and her competency in wireless operation made her a desirable candidate.On June 16, 1943, codenamed 'Madeleine' and under the cover identity of Jeanne-Marie Regnier, Khan was parachuted into Northern France. We believe that providing opportunities for children outside the classroom has amazing impact within.We believe in teachers and parents working together to provide a supportive partnership to inspire a lifelong love of learning.Shrabani Basu, who has spent eight years researching official archives and family records, told the Independent newspaper: 'I feel it is very important that what she did should not be allowed to fade from memory, particularly living in the times that we do.

Indian Creek School is a private, co-educational, nonsectarian day school for students age three through grade 12, located on two campuses in Crownsville, Maryland.She was eventually betrayed by a Frenchwoman, supposedly the jealous girlfriend of a comrade, and arrested by the Gestapo who discovered that she had unwisely kept copies of all her secret signals.The Germans were able to use her radio to trick London into sending new agents - straight into the hands of the waiting Gestapo.It is thought he shot Noor Inayat Khan.'Here was a young Muslim woman who gave her life for this country and for the fight against those who wanted to destroy the Jewish race.She was an icon for the bond that exists between Britain and India but also between people who fought for what they believed to be right.'Around £25,000 of the cost required for the bust has been raised, and permission has been granted to site the sculpture on land owned by the University of London in Gordon Square.