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It’s fun music, but it’s the diversity of the band’s catalog that sets them apart from any contemporaries.

Their sophomore album, , which came out this week, puts a point on how truly eclectic Grouplove can be, without ever sacrificing the pop edge that makes the band something of a sure bet to grow into something huge or the childlike enthusiasm that bleeds through the recordings.

The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

It's 8 days till Christmas and my movies "The Santa Clause 2 & 3" are on tv non-fucking-stop right now.

We caught up with lead singer and keyboardist Hannah Hooper to talk about the new record, what it’s like to be in the one indie band signed to a major label that doesn’t seem to have anything resembling an image, and painting the album artwork for the band.

I normally don’t like asking a question that bands get asked all the time, but you guys meeting in Crête is a little too interesting.

You’ve gotta come to this spot in Greece where there’s this artist thing going on”.

So Sean via London got there and then Ryan (Grouplove drummer Ryan Rabin) was there playing the bongos on the beach doing his drummer thing so yeah that’s where we all met.

No I hadn’t, and it’s kind of embarrassing but hopefully it will get people excited to try (to start playing an instrument).

So we got back and everyone was kind of in the same boat, Sean was back from London and we all missed each other so we were like, “Let’s just continue this grown up summer camp and ignore the fact that we’re totally not being responsible anymore,” you know?

So we all made it that way and that was kind of when we started jamming together.