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)Most of the humor is derived from Daria and her friend Jane's conflicts with the collection of twisted teenage archetypes (and often the adults) around them.

The last two seasons departed from the Reset Button to create a powerful Story Arc of Daria and her friends coming of age.

They tell Gail that Bethany has decided to stay on with Uncle Stephen for a while.

Shona asks Gary how Faye is, and then it becomes apparent that he doesn't know anything about Seb's accident, so rushes off over there.

She tells him it's Scott's, the timing wasn't right for it to be his. He tells them he thought he had it all worked out, but she and Maria have put him off the idea.

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She also thinks going to school might help him, but Ches thinks it's a bit soon.Anna says that they were up all night researching it.Just then there's a knock at the door and when Faye goes to answer it, Gary asks Anna why Seb would say that she pushed him when she didn't.She says she will, and he turns to Audrey and Maria. Rita says the doctor has given her her life back, and thanks her.Sinead is trying to do a jigsaw puzzle with Joseph, but he's angry and throws the pieces on the floor.