Dating why being single is healthy

In fact, your single years can be some of the most productive and liberating times of your life. It’s a shame that so many people view relationships as the best part of life.But the way some people reluctantly wear their single status, you’d swear it was something to be escaped and avoided at all costs. Being single allows you to experience so much that is often simply not possible when subjected to the financial and emotional pressures of supporting and maintaining a relationship.Maybe felt obligated to assume new responsibilities they never wanted or expected? I mean, don’t get me wrong, there is nobility in living for others and putting their needs before yours.And there are times when this is absolutely necessary and the right thing to do. Because you will never be happy unless you find and love what you do.The freedom to date whomever you want and go on as many dates as possible. After all, there’s no reason to feel guilt if it’s just a date.Keep it casual and grab a drink or dinner with that cute new girl/guy you just met or the person that you’ve been secretly eyeing for awhile.6.The worse thing someone who is recently single can do is sit at home, feeling bad for themselves. For some odd reason, most girls/guys feel a pang of jealousy when their significant other has a night out with their girls/guys. Grab your girls/guys for a night out on the town, minus the guilt.4. There’s always that one thing we’ve put off for the mere reason that we don’t have time to cram it into our busy schedules.Get out of the house and start building a better you.2. Just think -- no need to “check in” with someone to let them know who you’re with, where you’re at and what time you’re expected to be home. With extra time, learn that second language, take that cooking class or even Pilates like you’ve always wanted to.5.

Think about all the time saved by cutting this out and investing this time in you.9.

But being single affords you a unique opportunity: you get to really find out .

The good, the bad, the indifferent, are all laid bare.

Immediately after getting out of a relationship, you may feel like you're destined for loneliness.

Even worse is the sickening thought of being the only single person out there surrounded by happy couples.