Dating rituals in ethiopia

The families live in tents arranged in a circle, and the cattle are brought into the centre of the camp at night.The structures are covered with thatch during the dry season and canvas mats during the rainy season.This line of questioning can be interpreted as what is your ethnicity and there are very many people who consider this line of questioning as divisive.It is advisable to avoid discussion on religion, sex or sexuality and local politics because it is hard to tell where people stand on these topics.

For instance, they believe that natural objects such as rocks and trees have spirits.For example, if you happen to be in Addis when the World Cup is in progress, you can chat with anyone about it, men and women, young and old. Avoid humour during first contact and if the person you are talking to does not seem to have a good command of the English language or\and you do not speak the local language. Greetings are very important and it is very appropriate to ask about family—do you have children, do they go to school, etc etc.Asking about work is less common but depends on what class or background the person has.Asking about work, life and family is a very common approach to start a conversation. How is your family, kids, etc., is part of the daily greetings.Ethiopians are not usually comfortable talking about private or personal matters outside of their family circle.