10 best dating books

The new app, exclusive to New York City, is hitting i Tunes early next week.

Be that guy who missed his initial chance to chat up a girl at a coffee shop, but didn’t miss his second.One Hundred Years of Solitude Gabriel García Márquez (1967) Dreamily exploring Colombian myths and history through the magical, multigenerational story of the Buendía family by the late Gabriel García Márquez.Writing in the New York Times Book Review, William Kennedy declared that the novel should be required reading for the human race.So, once two people swipe right, and mutually opt to initiate a connection, they’re added to each other’s “hive” of connections. You can extend the connection for an additional 24 hours if, based solely on her profile, you feel like she’s The One. Sizzl is the dating app from Oscar Mayer (yes, the brand that brings you bologna lunch meat) that connects bacon lovers everywhere.But—and here’s the catch—the woman has to say something within the first 24 hours or the connection disappears. Sizzl This might take the cake for the most guy-friendly dating app. And we mean everywhere because, aside from vegetarians and pigs, who doesn’t love bacon?